What is Las Vegas Restaurant Week?

Las Vegas Restaurant Week is an annual 12-day event held every summer that encourages people to dine out for a good meal, a good value and a great cause. During Restaurant Week, patrons, chefs and our local food bank come together around a shared passion…FOOD!

Hundreds of the city’s finest restaurants offer special three-course, prix fixe menus priced between $20 – $120. Each restaurant donates a portion of the proceeds to Three Square Food Bank.

When is Restaurant Week?

Las Vegas Restaurant Week runs from June 3 – June 14, 2024. In the past, several restaurants have extended their Restaurant Week menus for an additional week. Last year, a record-high number of restaurants participated in the extension.

Do I need to make a reservation?

It would be a good idea to make a reservation during Restaurant Week. We would hate for you to arrive at your restaurant of choice only to find out there are no available tables. Reservations can be made by clicking the OpenTable link on the restaurant’s menu page. You can also visit the restaurant’s official website or call them directly.

Where can I find the Restaurant Week menus?

Great question! All participating restaurants and their menus can be found on the front page of our website. Menus are available two weeks before the start of Restaurant Week.

How much will a Restaurant Week meal cost?

Each restaurant will create their own three-course, prix fixe menu. The dining options are:

  • Breakfast – $20
  • Brunch – $20, $30
  • Lunch – $20, $30, $40
  • Dinner – $30, $40, $50, $60, $80, $100, $120

Are Restaurant Week menus different from a restaurant’s original menu?

Some restaurants will offer a completely different menu, and others will offer popular items from their original menu.

What is included in the prix fixe menus?

All the prix fixe menus include three courses. It will be up to the restaurant to decide which courses they would like to offer. You will most likely see an appetizer, main course and dessert. Some restaurants will offer multiple options for each category.

Is there a takeout option for Restaurant Week?

We’re glad you asked! Yes, there are restaurants that offer takeout. Find out which ones are offering the option by using the filters on our website.

Do the prices on the Restaurant Week prix fixe menus include gratuity?

No. Although gratuity is not included, tipping is highly encouraged.

Where will the proceeds go?

A portion of the cost of your meal will go back to Three Square Food Bank, which is Southern Nevada’s only food bank and largest hunger relief organization. Each restaurant selects their donation level out of $4, $5 or $6 per meal.

Learn more about Three Square’s mission by visiting their website.

What would be the impact of my meal?

This is a great question! For every $1 donated, Three Square can provide up to three wholesome meals. This means your meal during Las Vegas Restaurant Week can create up to 18 meals for hungry people in our community.

How do I know how much a restaurant is donating to Three Square?

You can find the donation level on the menu page of participating restaurants, or use the filter on our website.

Can I include an additional donation to Three Square?

We would be crazy to say no! If you are interested in making a donation, please visit this page.

Thank you for supporting the local community!

How do I find where the restaurant is located?

At the bottom of each menu page is a map and the contact information for that restaurant.

Do I need to pre-buy a ticket or certificate?

No pre-buy is needed. Just visit your restaurant of choice and ask for their Restaurant Week menu. You will have to pay at the end of your meal. Please keep in mind that gratuity is not included.

Do only high-end restaurants participate?

Thank you for asking this question! There is a restaurant for just about everyone’s budget. You can filter by cost to find the restaurants that are priced right for you. Enjoy!

How do I get my favorite restaurant to participate?

Ask the restaurant to email us at We’re pretty good at responding within 24 hours during the weekdays.